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Factory Trained Technicians

AC and Heating Replacement

Polar Air in Savannah, GA specializes in HVAC installations. Whether you need your system replaced, upgraded or have a new home build Polar Air can help you with the replacement process. Our technicians are factory trained and authorized to handle your new HVAC installation.

Reasons for AC and Heating Replacement

There are 5 main reasons for an air conditioner replacement.

  • Frequent Breakdowns: Are you are experiencing frequent breakdowns? This could mean that your system is entering into the end of its life phase. Costing you excessive bills in repair.

  • Increase in Energy Bills: Are you noticing an increase in energy bills? This could be because of your air conditioning unit. As the bearings and motor, begin to wear, your system starts to work harder and longer to keep up with your demand.

  • Some of your Rooms Are Too Hot or Too Cold: If you have noticed some rooms in your home or office are too hot or too cold. This means your HVAC unit is not able to keep up with the seasonal changes and your thermostat requests.

  • Humidity Issues: If you have noticed excessive dust or humidity this could mean that your system is losing capacity and creating bad air quality for you and those around you.

  • Age of Equipment: If your AC unit is 10+ years old, it is recommended you replace it. As your system starts to age the major components start to bring down

If you are experiencing any of the above it is time for you to contact Polar Air.

Benefits AC Replacement & Installation Nearby

There are many benefits of a new AC system replacement these include lower energy bills, improved air quality, improved safety, avoiding costly repairs, and also frequent breakdowns in the Savannah, GA heat. The summer heat in Savannah, GA can be grueling especially on your air conditioning unit. To go without an air conditioning system when your system fails is not an option. Polar Air offers the highest quality installation in Savannah, GA also with free estimates. We never recommend a replacement unless it’s warranted and most importantly we offer the biggest benefit of all, peace of mind!

Air Conditioner Replacement Installation near Me

Why You Need Polar Air

For the best air conditioning and heating installation in the Southeast contact, Polar Air.

Dependable AC Installation

Reputable AC Replacement Contractor

Trusted AC and Heating Company

Reliable AC and Heating Unit Installs


You will have nothing to worry about, when the experts at Polar Air install your new HVAC system. Whether you need a large system for your business or a high efficiency system for your home, we will help you find the right system that fits your needs and your wallet. Our experts can help you pick out a new HVAC system by providing information and also advice on efficiency, models, and brands. We take pride in our air conditioner replacement installations always guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction and also comfort that will last for year to come.

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